An iPad Air screen replacement in Schaumburg is one of the more delicate and time consuming repairs a technician may find himself working on. iPad Airs require meticulous effort to work on (as seen above in this video) and therefore require highly skilled technicians and quality materials.

The first step is always to get the iPad screen off. Technicians may use a variety of ways to pull the top glass off of an iPad Air but the common denominator is using heat to warm up the glue that’s underneath the screen. Heat activates the glue and allows the screen to pop off. Many different kinds of pics or playing cards might be used to prevent the screen from sticking back to its frame.

Once you have removed the screen, you can get at all of the internal components inside. Just be careful not to rip your home button of course. Inside you’ll be able to see the battery pack and lots of wires and buttons inside. Lastly, place the new screen on top of some new adhesive and make sure everything is nice and clean. You can now press the new screen onto the iPad Air and heat it up. This is generally how iPad screens are replaced but definitely check out some more videos online to get a fuller sense of what’s involved. Another helpful tip would be to use special gloves and you’ll want to make sure you don’t cut your fingers on the small pieces of glass. For that same reason it’s a good idea to wear eye protection because a small piece could break off and potentially injure you. Often times technicians will use scrapers and knives to peel back the adhesive and glass but our store policy is always to use safety.

Zombie Techs does not condone trying this at home, especially if you’ve never performed a repair of this kind. If you do try to repair your iPad at home, we’re not responsible for the damage. Zombie Techs does offer this professional service at our central location which services Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village, Palatine, Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, and Schaumburg.