iPad 3 Charging Port repair

The iPad 3 can be one of the trickiest tablets to work on depending on your experience and background as a repair technician. iPad 3 is built with a similar glass as the iPad 2 and can be opened in a similar fashion (see video). It’s fair to say that 90% of the repairs we see for iPads will be cracked screen replacements. Second to cracked screen replacements are iPad 3 charging port repairs.

What does the charging port do?

In computers and laptops we call it s a DC jack. The function of a charging port is to allow an electric signal to enter the battery of your device and charge it up to 100%. Because charging ports are in use almost every time you turn on your iPad, these parts get a lot of traffic, wear, and abuse. In order to charge your machine back up after the battery is drained you’ll need electricity, a charger, and a working charging port replacement.

Why do iPad 3 charging ports go bad?

The most common reasons for a charging port to fail are due to using bad charging cables or physical damage related to bashing the cable while it’s plugged in.

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