Everything you need to know about iOS9

Unless you live under a rock you know Apple has made huge splashes this week at their annual developers conference. In this video you can get an overview level explanation of what to expect. There are going to be many upcoming changes but most notably Apple is releasing SIRI in a new way, and it’s pretty cool. SIRI is now proactive about studying you and helping you save time by assisting with different routine functions. For example, if you typically listen to music when you wake up, SIRI is going to pull up your most popular music player when you plug your headphones in. Alternatively if you listen to music in the car, SIRI will take over once it’s connected by Bluetooth and start playing your favorite songs or media with no additional input required from the user. Wow! Don’t forget that Apple Car Play as a standard “From the factory” option is going to start appearing in American cars later this year. The full release of iOS9 is coming out this fall.

Some Exciting Changes

Maps, Notes, News, and Wallet are all getting major facelifts through mobile devices including additional “hand-writing” or “sketching” functionality coming to notes which was previously unavailable. We fully expect this to be a hit with iPads in the near future. Wallet will also be able to store loyalty cards and credit cards for all of your purchasing needs. News content is supposed to be more dynamic now and allow authors to drop smart media directly into the newspaper. Imagine being able to open up a gallery or slideshow on a major event right from your tablet or phone.

Most Exciting Changes

In a move that cost Apple a lot of their street cred as an innovator, Apple is bringing the Microsoft and Samsung split screen functionality to their iOS9. With multi-touch recognition, you’ll be able to interact with your iPad in a whole new way resulting in: a bettery on-screen typing experience, the ability to use part o the screen like a laptop trackpad, and the ability to have multiple apps open at any given time.

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