iOS8 – The operating system that changes everything

This has to be the most comprehensive update we’ve seen to date regarding iOS8. Apple’s focus is going back to what the company originally set out to do in it’s early stages with the iPod. You could think of this as the slam dunk revival of “Synergy” as Apple seeks to close loops between you and all of your technology and Apple family products. Here’s a list of updates and news you can find about the iOS8 Operating System:


ios8The first and most noticeable difference you’ll find once you update to iOS8 is that it will seek to create a “Pandora-like” experience as far as helping you choose apps and games you might be interested in based on your existing interest in apps or search results. As an example, if you’re a scuba diver and that’s reflected through your interests and searches from your iPhone, the store will try to serve up content that you and other scuba divers might be interested in. The same is the case based on your music profiles and artists that you look. In fact SIRI will store requests based on songs you’ve looked up or frequently listen to so you may find them in the app store coming soon.




Mail is getting a face-lift in terms of functionality. You’ve seen the focus of Apple in the past few years shift to gestures and ease of use. The way that you interact with your technology accounts largely for your experience with it and how likely you are to keep using that technology to accomplish work. Apple will be featuring a new toolbox at the top of your mail to help you more easily categorize and organize mail. Long swipe gestures can be used to delete mail immediately as opposed to a long swipe followed by a delete button. Mail is also going to run background processes that associate mail types and conversations which previously wasn’t the case (much like PC desktop users are used to having their conversations compiled in out look or how text message users can see one text after another).

Battery Management

iOS 8: The Best Hidden Features That Apple Didn't Show YouAll new battery management features are going to be available on iOS8. Obviously this processing overhaul comes at a price so you’ll be able to actually turn off features which drain your battery out (like Android has had for years). At any rate this is a welcome update to managing your phones battery power which is the most frequent complaint that I hear about iPhones. This feature should also get rolled out to all Apple family products including the iPads which can take advantage of this.





Notes is getting an upgrade as well, you can finally use a wide variety of fonts, subsets, and even include pictures in your notes. Not a whole lot of people use notes right now but that will probably improve since you can synchronize all of your notes to your iPad, Macbook, and more. This is a great tool both for students and business people if nobody else.


Apple is cutting Yahoo out of the weather app completely (that’s where you iOS7 weather comes from) and they are going to start using The Weather Channel directly. This should improve forecasts up to the minute but you’ll also be able to take advantage of information directly up to 9 days out. Which is great news for people who need 9 days of weather information on the fly.

Location Reactive Notification Screen

This is one of the coolest updates by a long shot. Apple wants to augment your real life experience with technology. If you’re in/near/around Apple’s partners, you’ll actually get a custom notification screen just like the one pictured below. If you click on the icon to open the App, you can take advantage of a personalized shopping or expose unique to your iPhone. The future is now? I think so. I can’t wait to get something like for Zombie Techs.

iOS 8: The Best Hidden Features That Apple Didn't Show You

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