ProtonMail for iOS

ProtonMail is finally available for iOS. Having just released their mobile app, ProtonMail will allow you to send encrypted e-mails from your iPhone. Encrypted e-mails are important because they offer “end-to-end” security and allow you to transfer totally confidential messages that cannot be mined or hacked without going through extraordinary lengths to do so. On it’s own encryption provides a layer of security that takes even the most powerful computers and enormous amount of time to break into. ProtonMail delivers encryption functionality in a way that feels easy and simple to use.


Encryption – taken from


An article on indicates that Edward Snowden would only use this type of encryption to communicate with reporters when he was releasing the secrets for which he is famous. E-mails sent without using encryption technology are far more easily hacked and can be taken advantage of, much like the case of leaked e-mails by State Secretary Clinton. The FBI is currently at war with Apple over encryption and Tim Cook is relentlessly fighting against releasing the ability to hack into people’s iPhones.

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