EDM brings new changes to Garage Band

Apple is a company that prides itself on creating modern, eloquent, and fashionable technology. They want to put an iPhone in the hand of every person in the world. That means embracing the direction of society and also influencing it by giving it a direction and room to grow in. Most DJs use high end software these days to create mixes but there’s a growing amount of attention on artists within the electronic dance music culture and the software they use. Apple wants to bring powerful tools closer the average consumer and place it within the orbit of tools that are available for self-learning. When garage band became available for modifying music, the world learned that artists can spring up anywhere in the digital age so long as they have access to a computer. Skrillex was not only homeless but working with broken speakers when he made his first major releases. If that isn’t a testament to the world we’re creating, you won’t find a better example.

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Apple’s commitment to music remains strong as they push in this direction bringing new polyphonic audio files as a standard upgrade for the garage band as well as those cosmic sounding lead synths which have become conventional in modern music.

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