Watch out for online hackers

ebola virusWith the huge rise of searches swarming around the words “ebola”, “ebola virus”, and other related terms, a huge source of exploitable searches are taking place every hour. Hackers and virus developers are eager to get in your face with their software for the purpose of stealing your identity and financial information.

Right now many users are receiving fake e-mails containing “critical information” about the ebola virus. What they end up receiving is a subscription for a bogus website that looks authentic and features lots of seemingly helpful information about the ebola virus. That’s when they get you. Once you subscribe you get redirected to a major news network’s homepage while your credentials are shipped off to the virus developers private e-mail.

“If you are not sure of the email’s legitimacy then don’t respond to it, and avoid clicking on links in the message or opening attachments.”

Blueso, which is sent in an email purporting to be from a major telecoms firm, is said to be a conduit for the worm W32 Spyrat worm capable of logging large amounts of information on a user. “If the user performs this action, their email login credentials will be sent directly to phishers,” Symantec said. “The victim is redirected to the real CNN home page.”


Be careful out there and stay safe.