Apple CEO Talks about Privacy on NPR

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and successor to the late Steve Jobs sat down with NPR 2 days ago to weigh in on security and product privacy concerning Apple products. The conversation began with some clarifying about how Apple manages the data on your phone and their solution is to leave the media and information on your phone that is encrypted automatically by the user. Even the exchange of data between their products and the iCloud platform is two way encrypted by your Apple sign-in ID and is not shared in any way with government. Tim Cook goes on to say in fact that he “doesn’t support any backdoor for government” into their own devices and software. He immediately followed up that statement by saying “privacy is a fundamental human right that people have, and we’re going to do everything we can to maintain that trust.” Robert Siegel from NPR countered that Apple is on record saying Apple is in the hardware business, if there were no Apps for tracking or other software needs there wouldn’t be as much need for Apple products. Tim Cook replied “Our view on this comes from a values point of view, not a commercial interest point-of-view” and saying “our customers are not our products.” Other companies for example scan your e-mails for keywords to try to identify a particular set of interests so they can integrate you with ads which you’re more likely to respond to like Google for example. You can listen to the full interview by clicking on the link below:

tim cook apple privacy

Image Via NPR

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