Health-Kit for Apple

cell phone repair in schaumburgWow, I predicted this in an earlier blog post but I had no idea how quickly this would be deployed and roll out for service. I mean, the iPhone 6 hasn’t even hit the shelves yet and almost nobody has iOS8 compared to how many people are using iOS7 still. We picked up a blog post online that indicated teams at Duke and Stanford Universities using the Health-kit app to check in for trials, manage appointments, and provide doctors with health and diet information about their patients.

When the iPhone 6 dropped, we announced that one of the awesome new features it has is a barometric pressure sensor and temperature sensor built in. This is going to change the way we do weather in the future because you’ll literally be able to poll phones instantly to get info on what’s happening on the ground vs weather forecasts (but that’s a different topic for another post). The reality is that even weather and pressure data can affect your health and while these studies are still very much still trying to get away from their birth-stages, it’s now going to be on every doctors radar. This health-kit app will be a ground-breaking new way to manage your future and your health. Apple already has discussed financial management tools that are designed to health your preserve your health based on your doctor’s recommendation and based on each item you purchase by automatically counting your calories and intake. ┬áHere’s what researchers had to say so far about the matter:

“This could eliminate the hassle of getting data from patients, who want to give it to us,” said Bloomfield, “HealthKit removes some of the error from patients’ manually entering their data.”

There you have it.

Stanford Children’s Chief Medical Information Officer Christopher Longhurst confirmed that the research hospital will be monitoring Type 1 diabetes patients, who will be sent home with an iPod touch and instructed to enter blood sugar levels in between doctor visits. Two patients already are enrolled in the trial.

Built in heart rate and finger print sensors are also going to be a huge aid for health-kit users facing challenges with blood sugar and more. All I can say is that these developments are going to change the way we think of cell phone repair and health.

Source: Macrumors

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