Hands on with the iPhone SE

Thanks to an awesome video by The Verge found on macrumors. com, we get a preview of the functionality on the new iPhone SE. The most noticeable quality for people who handle iPhones all day is that the new iPhone SE looks just like the iPhone 5 family of phones. According to reports last year when we first picked up on the iPhone SE project, screens were moving to larger sizes in the smartphone world. While this trend is seen as extremely popular for eastern Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan, the trend is not as popular in America. As a result Apple is looking to offer the market a small and convenient phone with all of the horsepower and benefits of the iPhone 6S excluding a few small features like 3D force touch. The iPhone SE will also be sold in Rose Gold color, which was previously not available in the iPhone 5 family. All in all, this is a great little device that piggy backs on the successes of the previous iPhone 5 family of sales which exceeded 30 million units in sales when it came out.

Technical Improvements include a faster response for the touch ID function and added Apple Pay functionality which previously did not exist in the iPhone 5 series of smartphones. The iPhone SE will also feature Apple’s extremely successful A9 processor. The A9 processor has been hailed to be as fast as many laptop processors and is currently featured in all of Apple’s latest devices. All of these features and more come to you at a price which is $250 less out in the box than the iPhone 6S.

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