The hard way to do Apple Repairs

Let me start by saying that I’m a fan of alternative ways of thinking (3+6=9. There’s usually a lot of ways to solve problems and adopting different perspectives can be a useful tool to navigate the waves and storms that life throws at all of us. As computer and cell phone technicians, we’re always exercising our ability to solve problems and quickly diagnose them. That said, here’s a video on an extremely difficult round-a-bout way of solving things. It’s worth noting that whoever this guy is, he’s not bad a phone repairs to be able to pull off a repair like this, but the unfortunately reality is that repairs like this not only fail shortly after repair because of the way the components are handled, but there’ tremendous opportunities to damage your parts and have to replace the LCD screen in the end (or lose quality). What’s worse, the reason I’m writing this post, is because of the fact that kids around the Northwest Suburbs are actually offering this repair and destroying people’s phones. How do I know? They come to our store with these exciting problems in search of repair. Be careful if you’re shopping on Craigslist for a good deal, the guys who work through Craigslist full-time instead of in retail stores are usually just scraping by and they need to squeeze every penny out of that deal. I’m not saying that everyone on Craigslist does this… but you get the idea. If you want something done right, pay the guy who knows how to do it right the first time. Enjoy the video! (-_-)

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