A look inside Gorilla Glass

Gorilla glass by Corning company appears to be the future of Apple iPhones and many other of the phones of the future, at least until pioneers in the flexible glass space start making affordable breakthroughs. The realities are however that most of us don’t know what goes into making such a durable glass. Check out this information we found on Macrumors.com.

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While Corning has published several videos that show how its Gorilla Glass is produced and tested, uBreakiFix recently visited the company’s Gorilla Glass facility in Corning, New York, and has created a set of videos explaining how Gorilla Glass works and showing off some of the equipment that Corning uses to test Gorilla Glass.

The first video explains the details behind Corning’s ion exchange glass strengthening procedure and its focus on “damage resistance,” which sets Gorilla Glass apart from its competitors. It also shows tests between Gorilla Glass and regular glass, where Gorilla Glass significantly outperforms standard glass.

In the second video, uBreakiFixCo goes behind the scenes at Corning’s Gorilla Glass research and testing facility to show off Corning’s testing procedures and the toughness of Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is able to withstand far more pressure and scratching than standard glass, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular with manufacturers, including Apple.

Coming up this spring is the manufacturing of gorilla glass 4 which will be party of the presumed iPhone 6S meant to debut in spring. We’re excited to see the new developments in action and see how the new glass stacks up. The realities are that this is the most sensitive area in the smart phone arena because the full face glass displays are the most likely thing to break on the phone, before anything else and it’s essentially always due to accidental damage.