What’s new?

The biggest change is going to be the revamping of Siri so far as we can tell for the new macOS Sierra. Sierra will now function without interrupting your work (unlike the iPhone which pauses whatever you’re doing when you try to take advantage of Siri). You’ll also be able to use Siri to search your indexed files like images, videos, and more without actually having to go to the web. You’ll also be able to schedule appointments using Siri and there are many more changes due after the release of this new operating system.

Will iMessage finally be coming to Android?

The short answer is no. Based on an article found online at macrumors, an Apple senior executive gave two answers. 1, Apple has to consider its own user base of 1 billion active users to provide a large enough data model for Apple’s artificial intelligence programs to learn from. Second, having a superior messaging that only worked with Apple devices would guarantee that the product stays favorable and improves device sales.

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