The Future of Military Robots

Brought to you by The Daily Conversation, a vision of the future robot arms race that all 1st world countries are currently undergoing. South Korea in fact just dumped an $860 sum into a fund for the development of Artificial Intelligence as reported by an article from The basis to spend this money comes on the back of a tournament between a artificial intelligence software called AlphaGo entering into a tournament with the wold champion of Go, Lee Sedol. It appears that the forecasts in this video are based on actual world trends and data. We’ve all seen those military robots from Boston Dynamics which are currently employed by the United States military for the purpose of getting supplies into locations that are hard to reach by normal vehicles. Robots are only going to become more and more sophisticated until they reach a level of intelligence that is difficult to distinguish from human intelligence. Arguably the larger value of robots is for the development of industry from a domestic standpoint. It is in the military’s interest however to spare human lives and use machines to do the policing around the world.

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