We have confirmation Apple is working on two new iPads

Samsung is at the forefront of Apple’s game when it comes to iPads. The Korean manufacturing giant is said to be supplying Apple with the panels for the new iPad Air 2 and the first of it’s kind 12.9″ iPad Pro. Said to be looking to release in early 2015, Samsung is poised to open up further cooperative efforts with Apple in terms of production. Apple has trying to push Samsung out of the picture but still relies on them for many components that belong to their.


So far we know the Apple iPad 2 will feature a thinner profile than that preceding iPad Air and a faster processor. Early reports indicate that the iPad air is rumored to have 2 gigs of memory built into the main board as well. Conversely the iPad Pro is still shrouded in myth. What has been forecast so far is that it will feature a powerful A8X processor that will uphold the graphics and power consumption needs of this device. Below is an illustration of what the iPad Pro is expected to look like:


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source: Macrumors