Airlines are jumping in to the Apple Watch

Everybody onto the bandwagon! Said every company in the digital age about the Apple iWatch. It’s not bad enough we can now get two expensive Apple products that don’t last for more than a day on battery (God forbid you have naughty ideas about leaving Bluetooth on all day you gluttons for punishment). Now all kinds of companies are rocketing into the Apple marketplace for the iWatch. Right now though, we have our eyes on an actually useful App coming to your phone from American Airlines.

How is it meaningful to me?

Airlines are always seeking to make travel more affordable, easier, and more organized but questions of how to achieve these unachievable attributes run through airline blood. Now American Airlines wants to send you flight notifications, boarding delays, gate information, and a slew of other notifications and status changes direct to your new Apple iWatch. I’m sure there will be charging stations available at most major airports for you iWatch too so you can keep it alive. All jokes aside, this is pretty cool but it begs the question why couldn’t they just do this with the iPhone? The fact is that you can but it looks and feels better on an iWatch. Check out these images we’ve found on *I have to say that so they don’t sue us*

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While the picture reflects information from British Airways, it’s still a preview of what you can come to expect in the future. Pretty cool right? The other neat thing is that there are rumors of  things like wireless gate check ins for attendance purposes and different levels of confirmation and eventually food ordering direct form your seat. Can you feel the Gigabit age? It’s coming!


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