New Mac Mini 2014

Get this, Apple support page on Boot Camp got some updates last night and they made reference to a mid-2014 Mac mini, suggesting that their little desktop is getting a revamped face and body.

9to5Mac found cached online copy of the troubleshooting page yesterday and in their update also referenced the 2014 low-cost iMac and 2014 MacBook Airs. 

There is a possibility that the mention of the mid-2014 Mac mini could be a mistake, but without any major updates in 2 years, the machine is wayyyyyyyyyy overdue for and reboot. Namely, the last update was in October of 2012 which is almost 2 years ago. The Mac mini by the way, is the only unit in the Apple family line up which has not been upgraded with the new Haswell cpu’s by intel. 

We haven’t seen any Mac Mini related information from Apple concerning it’s debut which definitely makes us cautious about announcing a new Mac Mini. But we can’t say it won’t happen because it’s almost a certainty that Apple will roll out a new one soon.

Moreover, if there is a new Mac mini in production, it would probably feature some improvements brought to the rest of the Mac OS family over the course of the last two years. Besides the aforementioned processor upgrade, faster PCI Express-based flash storage options and a given IMHO, and so are the new 802.11ac WiFi chips which will feature a connectivity rate better than most of the Ethernet land lines you’re probably using right now.

Check out this concept art though, I guarantee it will make your mouth water. Really, all things considered, Apple now has the technology to actually build something like this, though heat dissipation is an obvious concern. I believe that this is the Mac Mini of the future though and it’s probably only 2-3 years away for that matter. Just ignore that bottom part where it’s the size of a fingerprint, that’s obviously much farther away.

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