Do you ever find your iPad in a frozen-like state where none of the buttons or responses seem to work? This is actually a common occurrence for many iDevice products including iPhone and iPads (especially after the iOS 7 updates).

So what do you do if your iPad is stuck on that black screen? The first thing you can try is holding in your Power button on the top of your iPad and theĀ Home button, which is the circle button on the face of your iPad. Hold these buttons in at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until you notice the screen come on with the Apple logo. This is a quick and easy way to reset your device and it is a method we use all the time at our store to make sure we’re not fixing a problem that isn’t there.

If this problem repeats commonly, try updating your devices software or performing a system restore. The origin of this issue is within the operating system and often times needs to be restored at least once.

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