Apple Developing iPhone With Extended Range Wireless Charging

An Apple headline reads on We know one thing about Apple phones: when they do technology, it becomes the new standard. Right now, 1 out of every 3 Americans is using an Apple iPhone. Though you’ve seen Apple’s profits level off at around 75 billion this last week, Apple fans are eager to see the next big thing when the iPhone 7 is released. To answer their desires, Apple has revealed a new functionality called Wireless Charging. Apple has been steadily gaining patents ever since their very first iPhone as wireless charging was part of Steve Job’s original vision for the iPhone. The technology relies on something called Near Field Magentic Resonance and should serve to allow users to let their iPhones sit on wireless charging pads.


News of these upgrades also complies with previous rumors that Apple will be eliminating their 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7. Wireless charging would be the solution since having only one thunderbolt port would mean you can only charge your phone or listen to music in the iPhone 7. Other phones in the Samsung family already feature wireless charging for phones but the technology is slow and largely unreliable. Some users say that the charging pads are hard to come by and the technology has not caught up effectively enough to be practical. We at Zombie Techs personally feel that this change is more of a con than a pro but history will be the judge of that. There is still a small chance that wireless charging will not debut with the iPhone 7 but it seems less likely. Again, Apple is obsessed with making their phones thinner and thinner for some unknown reason. How will our world change if we suddenly need wireless charging everywhere in order to take advantage of our phones? Share this post and leave your comments below.

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