iOS8 is coming quickly and it’s a huge deal! Its the world’s most sophisticated mobile operating system in the world to date. Along with that come the innovations, complexities, and organizational features that really drive our daily lives and reshape the way we move the world.


Where do I begin? Apple’s entire focus this year is on synergy between apps and it’s really starting to feel like it. iCloud is blowing up in popularity and we’re starting to record health related data, fitness information, habits, and so much more. You’ll now have new keyboard options and more ways to share content than ever before. For example, all of your photos taken from one device get synced to all of your devices logged into the same iCloud account.


Borrowing some cues from Siri or SnapChat, you can now send voice snippets in your text messages or quick video messages processed through Apple’s servers. You can also share your locatioin and GPS position through messaging. There’s also going to be plenty of new ways to react to messages and stay in touch with contacts on the fly that would open up much like your facebook messages through your mobile app. Apple will also feature contextual word completion while your typing up sentences just like the old T9 software on Samsung phones.


You can also share information quickly and effectively with family including photos, calendars, and purchases like books or songs with the touch of a button. More on this at the Apple website. There’s also a new storage negotiated through your iCloud storage space. You can finally send share and receive files and work on them anywhere. I’m referencing files like spreadsheets, illustrations, powerpoint, and so much more. As mentioned before you can also build long term health statistics and data to track your physical progress and health on a level that we’ve never seen before. I personally speculate this feature will be filled with ads and recommendations on improving your health and fitness.

Full information sharing between devices. You’ll be able to receive messages across multiple devices and also do things like start an e-mail on one device and finish it on another. Pretty intense right? For news, updates, and more, stay tuned to our website at your number one home for computer repair in Schaumburg at Zombie Techs.