Widespread issues regarding iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ Battery percentage

Following a post we caught earlier this week on Macrumors, we discovered a widespread issue with the battery percentage on the iPhone not going down towards 0% as the battery is drained. There’s a huge discussion going on Apple Forums about this particular issue but the problem seems to be related to time zone and clock processes. Most users are having the problems after traveling between two different time zones. The problem appears to begin after the iPhone does no update it’s time settings to the new time zone causing a need for iPhone repair. This problem has been posted about as early back as last September. Users are recommend to restart their devices upon first notice of this problem. In some cases the battery percentage issue doesn’t go away after a restart. More and more users are starting to experience the same confusion. Some users are going so far as to return their phones back to Apple in exchange for a new or refurbished phone.

On Refurbished iPhones in Schaumburg

As users are seeking great deals on Apple family products, the demand for affordable electronics is skyrocketing. At Zombie Techs Computer & Cell Phone repair we’re happy to announce that we’ve begun our greatest push into the repair and refurbishment of Apple products. As of this posting we have iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 family phones up for sale at the front of our store along with Macbooks, laptops, and even Samsung Galaxy phones. If you or a friend are interested in taking advantage of low pricing please visit our local store or check out our online store on the homepage of this website. Our goal is to offer affordable repaired electronics to our local client base.


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