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cell phone repair schaumburgThis is a press release to debut our new eBay online store integrated with our website. Our focus at Zombie Techs over the last year has been all about enabling our clients with the power to see what we’re working on and get early access and good deals on purchasing any of the products that come through our store and go back out for sale. In fact people are always asking about laptops, smart phones, and other popular home electronics for purchase.

What does this mean for you?

While we do carry more computer and laptop parts now than ever before, our goal is also to provide you with high quality used laptops, Apple products, and smart phones. You’ll be able to see them now off to the left hand side. Anything you purchase from us on eBay is available for local pickup at our store so if you see something you like from home, simply purchase it with your eBay account and look for the local pickup  option. We’ll hold onto the product for you for up to 28 days until you come to pick it up, otherwise you may request a shipping option too and we’ll send it out to you.

hp pavilion x 2

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Why purchase from Zombie Techs?

The answer is simple and undeniable. Local business is better. Local businesses make local decisions and the money stays in your town and neighborhood. It’s not the same when you spend money with big box stores that funnel money all over the place and try to keep every penny for themselves. Local accountability: you know who you’re dealing with. If you’re interested in an item that we sell online, you can simply call one of our techs to find out the background repairs performed on it (if any) or to get their opinion on how it might work in your current home set up. If you’re looking for an item that we fix all the time, you can request that we find those products for you and market them to you directly. The same way that most people prefer to deal with one mechanic or one doctor, Zombie Techs can zero in on your sensitive technology repair and maintenance needs to offer you a higher value and great level of personal satisfaction than you would find elsewhere. It goes without saying that all product sales are backed by our 28 Days Later warranty that guarantees against defective electronics.


Like everything else, pricing is based on market rates. We will offer an “Or Best Offer” scheme for most products if you don’t want to pay full price, we may consider selling the product to you for less than what we’re asking for it. This gives you the ability to visit our store and have a good interaction from the comfort of your home or while traveling. Our descriptions will be listed as accurately as possible so you know exactly what you’re getting, and as mentioned before you can also call us locally to find out more about the product if your questions are not addressed by the listing.

The future of ZombieTechs?

In the near future we may be offering local delivery service within 2-5 miles of the store. This will be based on what the local market can support. Imagine being able to order a replacement power cable for your laptop or phone and having it delivered to your home or business within 3-4 hours. That’s what we’re striving to offer you. We’re also pioneering new ways to stay connected with you, our friends and clients. We’re currently working on a new point-of-sale system that would allow you to check in items for repair from your home and send us the items by mail or have them picked up. The new POS system would also help us reach you with Completion notifications by text message and e-mail based on  your contact preferences. Pretty cool right?

iphone 6 repair in schaumburg

Interested in one kind of product?

Some buyers like to shop around for one type of product, like iPhone 5 or laptops under $200. We’ll soon have a mailing list with all of our listed products for sale, but in addition to that we can add you to a specific list whereby our team will go out and find the products you’re looking for to see if we can get them for you at the price you’re looking for. If you have such a need, please feel welcome to e-mail us at [email protected] with your request.

Click on this computer store in schaumburg to visit our online store for the very first time.

What’s your opinion? Is this exciting? Let us know in the comment section below. We love to hear from our clients.




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