Cracked Screen Repair in Schaumburg

Whether its an iPhone screen or a Samsung screen, cracked screen repair in Schaumburg has become the most common service that we perform. Above you’ll see a video breakdown of a traditional iPhone 6 screen disassembly. Most iPhones are pretty easy to repair and the parts needed to repair them are affordable but quality can vary. When you work with Zombie Techs you don’t have to worry about the quality of the parts because we find the best vendors overseas and pass on the quality benefits to our customers.

cracked screen repair

eww! cracked screens

What can you do to prevent cracked screen repairs?

Besides the obvious answer (don’t smash your phone into things), there are some preventative measures which are affordable and good looking that can help protect against cracked screens. At the shop in Schaumburg, we sell tempered glass which can overlay your touch screen and provided an extra layer of protection to the front of your screen. Some screens which shatter or crack when the phone itself is dropped on the floor. To help prevent against this kind of damage you can buy a case for your iPhone or Samsung phone. Most people have a stigma against using phone cases because they’re cheaply made or make the phone look cheap. Fortunately, Zombie Techs in Schaumburg offers cases for your iPhone that look sleek and professional with a wide variety of colors. We also sell cases that function like wallets and hold credit cards and more. We also have tempered glass for the most popular phones in today’s market. Call or stop by our store to take advantage so you don’t have to come in someday for a cracked screen repair in Schaumburg.

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You can see a full tear down and aftermarket repair manual at this link