iPhone 6 Cracked iPhone Repair

When the iPhone 6 was released by Apple, it was a massive sensation. Boosted by the dual release of the 6 plus, the 4.7″ iPhone 6 saw record shattering sales. That wasn’t the only shattering feature about the iPhone 6 however. You may remember all the buzz about the gorilla or Sapphire glass which was supposed to be featured in the iPhone 6 that would be highly resistant to scratching and shattering. That never happened and so they released a reinforced version of the glass that was used for the iPhone 5 and 5s but as we all know, it doesn’t hold up well. To make matters worse, the iPhone 6 also has rounded or beveled edges which increase not only the difficulty of repair but also the likelihood of screen cracks to take place after a fall. Fortunately for you, we fix and stock parts for all iPhones so next time your screen cracks and you’re not feeling up to the task, you can bring your cracked iPhone to Zombie Techs iPhone repair in Schaumburg for a quick fix. Most repairs are performed in under an hours time and we back our work with at 28-day service guarantee. Call or stop by, friendly Zombie Techs are standing by.


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