Got a broken computer screen in Schaumburg?

iphone repair in schaumburgComputer screen repairs are among the most common types of repairs we see at our store location. For that reason Zombie Techs keeps an inventory of over 25 common types of computer screens for popular pc laptops, macbooks, and small electronics like iPhones and other smartphones or tablets. If we have your screen in stock, and you’re in need of computer screen repair in Schaumburg, you can expect a 1-4 hour turn around time on your screen repair in most cases. If you or someone you know is in need of a screen repair in the Northwest Suburbs, point to Zombie Techs, the highest rated computer & cell phone repair store in Schaumburg. If you aren’t sure whether or not you have a broken computer screen, check the guide below.

  1. No power on the LCD screen.
    All too familiar are broken electronics devices where the screen doesn’t power on. More than likely this indicates the LCD cable is disconnected or one of the internal cables has burned out or ruptured. Depending on what type of device you have, this might mean you need a new LCD screen or assembly. Our technicians can examine this for you in-store however to verify whether or not a replacement will be necessary. In some cases, the loose cable can be fixed or replaced.
  2. Cracks on the computer screen.
    Typically this type of damage is a result of accidental use where the screen’s glass surface becomes cracked from pressure or because pressure was not evenly applied and part of the screen glass broke.This is the most common type of damage LCD screens suffer.
  3. Red or orange color on the computer screen.
    Red or orange colors on the LCD screen typically indicate failing back-light systems. An article on ebay goes into great detail about back light trouble shooting and symptoms of failing back light systems.
  4. Lines and strange graphics appearing on the LCD screen.
    Typically lines or scrambled graphics will appear if the computer or phone’s internal graphics card is beginning to fail. If the card begins to fail, it’s time to bring in your computer or laptop for service immediately. A graphics card demonstrating these type of symptoms can sometimes be repaired but if the graphics card is causing these types of symptoms, the computer may soon fail to power on at all.

Computer screen repair

If you’re not sure as to whether or not your LCD computer screen is damaged. Call or stop by Zombie Techs computer & cell phone repair in Schaumburg for a free consultation over the counter. Call or stop by today, friendly technicians are standing by.

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