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Learn More About History Of Our Laptop & Computer Repair Services Streamwood

There are so many people who pay too much for their electronics and computer repair services Streamwood, which is the reason why Zombie Tech was started in 2010. Before we came into existence it would cost you at least 150$ to get computer repair Streamwood service and that didn’t even come with antivirus security to keep you safe in case of a future crash. At this time places like Best Buy were the top stores that provided computer repair services Streamwood. There was one big problem with this and that was that your laptop repair Streamwood could end up costing you more than it should and not giving you a huge upgrade in your device. Our professionals at Zombie tech come from this world and know exactly how it feels to be able to provide a better service for a cheaper price but be restricted from doing so based on company restrictions. In May 2010 we sought to fix this problem for our community and Zombie Techs was born at this time. We strive to offer a cheap alternative to these expensive fees and give you PC repair nearby Streamwood area for a cheaper cost while still delivering quality repair solutions. At this point, we have served more than 20,000 customers who all depend on our laptop repair nearby Streamwood services for their everyday convenience. We have now built up a level of experience that cannot be matched in the local area and our jobs include ipad repair, high-quality macbook laptop repair Streamwood, and LCD screen replacements in no time flat. We are also now the leading iPhone repair company in our area. Offering fixes for less than 100$ with only 30 minutes to complete your fix.


Rejuvenate Your Tech at PC Repair Streamwood

iPhone Repair

One of our most solicited services is iPhone repair. Our team of experts are aware of the wide variety of components on this device and frequent issues users have to face including water and motion damage. With a 95% repair rate, we’re the best option for iPhone repair nearby Streamwood.

PC Services

Committed to providing quick and convenient laptop repair services, we're here for everyone searching for laptop repair near me Streamwood. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and leading techniques, we offer top-notch PC and laptop repair solutions that Streamwood residents can rely on. Our wide range of services also encompasses building PCs from scratch.

iPad And Tablet Repair

Fixing a tablet or iPad might not be as easy as a conventional laptop repair Streamwood technicians often perform. That’s why our staff has the training and experience to address any problem with your tablet, such as a broken screen. We can make your tablet functional again faster than anyone else in the area.

Macbook And Apple Products Repair

More than 100 Macbooks fixed in two years has left us vast knowledge to provide the most efficient Macbook repair Streamwood has to offer. The issues in a Macbook are different from a PC, and problems like board overload can be fixed without having to fully replace the component.

Game Console Repair

Our staff has the experience to spot any issue affecting your Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo and find a solution instantly. We share your concern about your game console, and we treat it with the care it deserves. With our skills and knowledge we are the most reliable providers of PS4 repair Streamwood market offers.

We are your best alternative when it comes to smartphone repair. Our expert technicians have the effective solution to make your device functional again without making you waste your time. Bring your smartphone to our store and find out why we are the professionals for cell phone repair Streamwood residents recommend.

If You Notice Any of the Following Signs May Be Time to Contact Computer Repair Streamwood Services

Connect with Premier Computer Repair Streamwood Service Team

Always get your computer looked at by an expert in computer repair nearby Streamwood at the first sign of trouble. You should take these actions so you don’t accidentally get everything that’s important deleted off of your computer. Small problems can become big ones and a professional can identify this early. Check out some of the common things you should look for below.

Your Computer Gets Slow
A good way to check the status of your computer is to see if it is slowing down over time. A slow computer can be the first sign that a crash is on the way. Call on our laptop repair Streamwood experts to make sure you get the proper computer repair services Streamwood need to solve the problem. We assess any bugs that are on your system and get you back up and running in no time.

Not having antivirus security can put your system at risk of infections such as the Trojan infection that are common among users. A pc repair Streamwood professional is skilled at keeping your files from being deleted by these potential threats. We aim to keep you at the highest level of productivity possible for your system. Contact one of our computer services nearby Streamwood experts today and let us keep your device safe from viruses.

Accessories Not Working
If you’re dealing with accessory compatibility issues or suspect bad batteries and faulty hardware in your PC, it’s time to search for laptop repair near me in Streamwood. Many PC issues can be swiftly resolved by professionals. Contact us immediately for expert computer services Streamwood. Our professional laptop repair team is ready to diagnose and fix your problems before they escalate. Don’t hesitate, reach out to us now for reliable and timely assistance.

No Space in Computer
When your RAM is overloaded, the risk of a computer crash increases significantly, causing your system to work overtime even for routine tasks. While this issue might resolve itself eventually, it’s always safer to search for pc repair near me Streamwood and get expert help. Our PC repair services in Streamwood are designed to not only fix immediate issues but also extend the lifespan of your computer, offering you peace of mind about its performance and reliability.

Why ZombieTech Is The Most Reliable Company
For Your Apple Devices & Computer Repair Streamwood

Exceptional PC Repair Streamwood Awaits at Zombietech

A Broad Range of Services

We offer a diversity of repairs, replacements, and other computer repair services nearby Streamwood for a variety of devices such as computer repair, iPads and tablets, iPhones, and other major brand cell phones, as well as Apple repair for Macbooks and other product lines. Our skilled pc repair specialists have extensive knowledge of all forms of technical repairs.

Several Years Of Experience

For over ten years, we have been servicing our consumers. In Streamwood and the surrounding regions, we have repaired over 13,000 computers and gadgets. We always recruit the greatest, most trained experts and provide exceptional customer service at affordable pricing; you won’t locate outstanding quality or service anywhere else.

Reasonably Priced

Because computer and technology prices are so expensive, you don’t want to pay as much to repair your equipment as you did to buy it. This may occur with some of our contenders, but not at our enterprise. We make certain that you receive the greatest computer repair service Streamwood at the most reasonable costs.


Hassle-Free PS4 Repair Streamwood Tailored for You

Zombie Tech is a master in Playstation 4 Repair Streamwood area, having served customers for more than two and a half decades. Our team is known for delivering superior service at a low price, and we always keep our clients informed throughout the repair process. Our customers keep using our services and getting back to us for ps4 hdmi port repair Streamwood, PS4 repair, enhancements, and even with cleaning and common PlayStation repair Streamwood for simple issues due to our attentive customer care.

We offer exceptional warranty for our fix Playstation 4 Streamwood service. Most of them can be completed within 24 hours, so you won’t be away from your gaming seat for long. Our technicians can diagnose and fix a range of common issues, such as fan replacement, HD Blu-Ray laser replacement, and blinking light problems. Plus, you’ll be kept up-to-date throughout the repair process. Our team of ps4 repair nearby Streamwood experts is here to make sure the repair process is as smooth as possible.


Access Top-Notch Apple Repair Streamwood Services

Having a broken iPhone can be demoralizing, particularly when you cannot go back to the Apple Store, either due to being out of warranty or having no available time. A reliable iPhone repair or Macbook repair nearby Streamwood technician to help return the device to its original condition is a must-have. 

When you’re worried about losing important data or documents on your phone, it’s essential to find reliable apple repair near me Streamwood. With Zombie Tech, you can get your iPhone repaired conveniently in Streamwood, ensuring the safety of your device and the preservation of your data. We offer the assurance that your device will be returned in excellent condition. Trust us for expert Apple repair in Streamwood, ensuring your important information stays intact.

When you contact Zombie Tech to perform iPhone screen repair, iPhone battery replacement, or correct any other issues, you have to give details about the damage. We will take your information into account and offer you the best apple repair Streamwood service. We guarantee your full satisfaction with our Apple repair. As a reliable firm, you can always count on us, simply search for iPhone repair near me Streamwood.


Expert iPhone Repair Streamwood: Get Your Apple Device Back on Track!

When something goes wrong with an Apple product, a lot of people worry right away. You could also go straight to your neighborhood provider shop or store and buy a new gadget right away. Here are four common things that go wrong with Apple products that can be fixed.

If your phone’s battery dies faster than usual, you might be tempted to trade it in for a new one. That could be a big mistake since the cost to perform iPhone battery replacement Streamwood in your gadget likely constitutes only a small part of the price tag on a new device. A new Apple battery replacement Streamwood generally costs less than $100, even for some of the newest iPhone or Android models.

So you dropped your device, and even though it only slipped a few feet, it hit the floor at the wrong angle, and the screen broke. We can do Apple screen repair Streamwood for that broken screen so it looks brand new again. (or even better). You’ll get your phone back quickly and won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars.

Charging Port Water Damage
If the port on your phone is broken and you can’t charge it, you’re out of luck, right? You’ll have to buy a new phone. Wrong. Our iPhone water damage repair Streamwood shop can fix that charging port so that it works just like it did when it was brand new.

The camera is actually fairly simple to fix, regardless it’s the front camera (for all those important selfies) or the back camera (for recording your kids, buddies, or pets). It will be a little more expensive than for example iphone screen repair Streamwood service but it will still be less expensive than acquiring a new one.