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Learn More About History Of Our Laptop & Computer Repair Services Hanover Park

A number of folks are paying way too much for electronics and computer services Hanover Park and for this reason Zombie Techs was started back in 2010. When we got started computer repairs services Hanover Park were costing at least 150$ and that didn’t come with anti-virus software, if you needed a more complex solution such as a motherboard replacement you had to find a different company. Best Buy was one of the main companies that customers would go to for their laptop repair Hanover Park issues and pc repair Hanover Park services. This presented a problem because you would still end up paying more than what was needed for a solution that wouldn’t give you everything you need for your computer to operate like new in the future. We have recruited many of these same representatives that worked for these companies to work with us because they understand the feeling of being able to provide a solution but not being able to because of restrictions and procedures that prevented it. Zombie Tech was started for this very reason. We offer alternative solutions to our clients for the computer repairs Hanover Park needs to get them the right price and the right computer services that they deserve. Looking at our company now we are astounded by our fast growth and we have at this point worked with over 20,000 local customers providing them with quality products and computer repairs Hanover Park for their needs. Our services have expanded as the industry has expanded to now work on iPad LCD screens as well as MacBooks and iPhones. Our laptop repair Hanover Park service can be completed on any computer no matter the brand. We are gaining a great reputation in our area for fast fixes on iPhone screens. At our computer company a lot can be repaired in less than 30 minutes with less than 100$ price tag attached to it.


iPhone Repair

A commonly requested service we offer is the most effective iPhone repair Hanover Park offers. Our technicians have extensive knowledge of the special components of your devices and the issues they’re prone to, including humidity and water damage. Come and witness why our store has a 95% repair rate.

PC Services

We deliver fast and accessible repair work for your PC or laptop at our facilities. Using the latest tools and protocols available in the field, we offer the top-quality computer and laptop repair Hanover Park has to offer. We also have specialty services, such as computer assembly customized to your particular user needs.

iPad And Tablet Repair

Services for tablets and iPads are usually more complex than the regular laptop repair Hanover Park residents request. Our staff has experience and skills to successfully repair these devices and address common issues like broken glass. We are your best option in the area to give a new life to your tablet.

Macbook And Apple Products Repair

We have fixed more than 100 Macbooks in two years, which makes us the best option for Macbook repair Hanover Park customers have access to. Most Macbook issues are not present in a PC. Components like boards can be overused, but they can be repaired without the need of buying a new part.

Game Console Repair

We are the fastest at recognizing any source of trouble with your Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo, and have it timely fixed for you to continue your favorite activity. We operate consoles with the absolute care they deserve. That’s what makes us the professionals for PS4 repair Hanover Park gaming pros recommend.

Smartphone Repair

Our team is fully trained to address any problem regarding your smartphone in no time. When looking for the best professionals for cell phone repair Hanover Park has, there’s only one place to go. Our smartphone repair solutions are proven to be effective because we value your time and your preference.

If You Notice Any of the Following Signs,
It May Be Time to Contact Computer Repair Hanover Park Services

Computer repair Hanover Park is not just useful after a crash but it can be most useful before the crash takes place. Checking for early signs of corruption is key to getting the most out of your computer repairs Hanover Park. A professional will make sure everything is backed up accordingly so you don’t lose anything in the process. Take a look at these common problems.

Your Computer Gets Slow
An easy way to know that you need computer repair Hanover Park services is to look at the speed of your device. If you notice applications crashing all the time causing you to not be able to function your computer as needed, it’s time to get with a computer services Hanover park technician to assess the issue. We get rid of any bugs you may have on your system and get it up in running fast and easy. Contact us today!

Without any antivirus protection on your system, you are putting your device at risk of serious viruses such as the Trojan infection which is known to delete personal files on your system. Our goal is to keep your computer functional so that you don’t lose productivity in the process. Call one of our computer repairs services Hanover Park and get your problem solved fast and efficiently.

Accessories Not Working
Most computers suffer when you use the wrong equipment with them. Doing so can result in pc repair Hanover Park professionals having to perform emergency services on your device. The issue could be caused by faulty batteries or bad accessories connected to your laptop, including a mouse, printer and charger. Contact our laptop repairs Hanover Park team and let us give you a consultation that gets to the bottom of your problem and solves it in no time.

No Space in Computer
Be on the lookout for a system crash if you are operating at maximum capacity with your RAM. In this case you are forcing your computer to overwork and causing errors along the way. Don’t sit there waiting for the problem to go away. Consult a professional laptop repair Hanover Park service to help get your computer operating like it once was. We offer a great service for you at a better price to give you confidence that your system will be back up and running in no time.

Why You Should Always Rely On Zombie Tech
If You Want Apple Device & Computer Repair Hanover Park

Lots Of Different Services

We offer a multitude of laptop repair Hanover Park, modifications, and other services for a wide range of devices, including computers, iPads and tablets, iPhones, and other major brand mobile phones, along with Apple fixing for Macbooks and other products. Our expert technicians have worked on many different kinds of technology and know how to fix them all.

A Lot Of Years Of Practice

We’ve been helping people for more than 10 years. More than 13,000 computers and other devices in Hanover Park and the nearby areas have been fixed by us. We always hire the best, most competent staff. Our customer service is great, and our prices are competitive. You can’t get better quality computer repair services somewhere else.

Fair And Cheap Prices

Computers and other tech are expensive, so you don’t want to pay as much for pc repair as you did to buy it. This might happen at some of our competitors’ businesses, but not at ours. We guarantee that you get the best computer services Hanover Park for the lowest price.