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Learn More About History Of Our Laptop & Computer Repair Services Des Plaines

Many people pay too much for electronics and repair services and this is why Zombie Techs was started back in 2010. At this time a virus removal was expensive, costing at least $150 without any anti-virus protections and if you had a motherboard repair you could just forget about it. Back then places like Best Buy were the sites for many broken Macbooks and laptop repairs Des Plaines services. The problem with this is that customers wind up paying more than what was necessary to get machines that weren’t much of an upgrade from their previous ones. Much of our Zombie tech personnel were previously employed by tech companies and felt powerless because we knew we could offer the right pc repair Des Plaines solution to keep our customers from overpaying. At the end of the day these repairs were restricted because they didn’t fit with company practices and standard procedures. Because of this in May 2010 Zombie Techs was started and offered an alternative to customers who needed fast and cost effective electronics and computer repairs services Des Plaines. Fast forward to now, we’ve helped over 20,000 local customers with a commitment to quality computer repair Des Plaines. At this time we have built our expertise to a level we couldn’t have imagined in 2010. Our services now include ipad repairs, high quality macbook repair Des Plaines, as well as laptop & lcd screen replacements with faster turn arounds than anyone in the area. Another service we are leading in is iPhone repair Des Plaines. We offer most of these repairs for lower than $100 and it takes under 30 minutes for a full repair.

One stop shop for electronics repairs Des Plaines

We like to say if it plugs into a wall, we can fix it. Here’s a list of electronics that we bring back to life on the regular:

  • iPhone screen cracked screen repair
  • iPhone camera repair
  • iPhone lock button repair
  • iPhone power button repair
  • iPhone speaker repair
  • iPhone charging port repair
  • Samsung Galaxy screen repair
  • Samsung Galaxy camera repair
  • Samsung Galaxy power button repair
  • Samsung Galaxy charging port repair
  • Google Plus cracked screen repair
  • Google Plus camera repair
  • Google Plus power button repair
  • Google Plus speaker repair
  • Google Plus charging port repair
  • Motorola smartphone repair
  • iPad cracked screen repair
  • iPad camera repair
  • iPad power button repair
  • iPad speaker repair
  • Macbook LCD screen replacement
  • Macbook keyboard replacement
  • Macbook overheating repair
  • Macbook logic board repair
  • Macbook speaker repair
  • Macbook dc jack repair
  • Microsoft Surface screen replacement
  • Microsoft Surface DC Jack repair
  • Microsoft Surface virus removal
  • Laptops for all major brands: Sony, Apple, Dell, Toshiba, HP, Microsoft, Acer