Google Fiber is coming to Chicago

Marked by Google as  7th out of 10 major cities to get Google Fiber over the next 2-3 years, Chicagoans and suburbanites alike are ready to drop Comcast and move onto better things. The promise seems real with Google Fiber. Google Fiber is already deployed in select cities around the United States and the reviews are off the wall. The cities using Google Fiber are enjoying speeds up to 25x faster than what Comcast or AT&T are offering at only a fraction of the price. Google Fiber has been offering speeds of 1GBPS and higher to it’s customers and it’s got Comcast furious. The primary difference in the way that Google Fiber works versus Comcast and AT&T is that they run fiber optic wiring directly from their output stations directly to the home of the customer where as Comcast and AT&T have copper lines and wire sprawled out all over the United States in attempts to get as many customers on the internet grid as quickly as possible. Until now Google has made leaps and bounds in terms of bringing Fiber service to different markets throughout the United States and they show no signs of stopping. Google has completely changed the local economy in Charlotte North Carolina and Raleigh North Carolina. In a state that was badly in need of jobs and development, Google Fiber wired together the whole city to provide some of the fastest internet in the whole United States. Businessmen and artists are flocking to the cities to take advantage of the blossoming opportunities. Among the considered cities for Google Fiber are Salt Lake City UT, San Jose  CA, Phoenix AZ, San Antonio TX, and Nashville TN.

Cities with Google Fiber



What is Comcast doing to hold onto their kingdom?

Well, an article at says that Comcast has a fiber service of their own that they’re planning on release before Google does and they’re going to try to take out many of the cities that Google hasn’t entered yet like Chicago and Atlanta. In other words, two major companies are going to war in the free economy to offer the most attractive internet service. Now that I’ve said that hopefully nothing goes wrong because this should be a big win for customers. Imagine being able to download movies in about 3-10 minutes and upload them back to a friend in the same amount of time… be still, my heart. Currently Comcast is offering speeds between 24-100 mpbs for residential and commercial clients but it’s just not enough juice. The same article referenced above thinks Google won’t become a major player in the telecom industry but I don’t see why they would say that. It’s a matter of time before technology develops to the point where something like Google Voice could be used for communication in place of a smart phone plan with a line from AT&T. That would take them very deep into the cell phone market where (guess what?) they’re already making smart phones. I believe that Fiber’s journey will be more about getting building permissions to create the future of internet speeds and technology.

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