Cell Phone Store Gets Robbed

We came across this random video on YouTube and we can’t believe our eyes. We’ve seen so many different kinds of store break-ins caught on camera and even a few in cell phone stores. This one is especially crazy because *spoiler alert* the guy running the store gets into a wrestling match with the robber. You can see quickly at the beginning of the video that the robber pulls out a black bag onto the counter and appears to be instructing the man to quickly hurry up and fill the bag with iPhones or other valuables. They walk around the back for a while and it looks like the owner/representative points to the front of the store and points to the most value being there. They clear out most of the shelves on the left, stuffing smartphone after smartphone into a gray bag, side of the room and then go straight for the cash register. It looks like there is a good chunk in there and that’s when the owner snaps and jumps onto the robber. With the whole store in pieces the owner manages to wrestle the gun away and eventually takes control of the situation. The robber tries to lock himself in the back as the store manager calls out for help. The two get into a fight again right after and the store manager keeps the robber pinned to the ground. Eventually the robber breaks free and appears to make his way out of the store. It’s totally crazy how fast things can escalate in situations like this. From one cell phone repair shop to another, we’re glad the store owner was able to protect himself and get out of this one without any further trouble.

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