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Feast your eyes upon the real iPhone 6. One of our unnamed sources¬†sent us actual pictures of the iPhone 6 which should debut in September. For purposes of anonymity we cannot name our source but this is not another online image, these are in-house photos of the iPhone 6 with 5″ display. The camera you’re seeing in the first image is an 8 megapixel camera designed from the ground up for the iPhone 6. As you know from our previous blog posts this camera will feature brand new lighting and auto focus technology. The battery has received an improvement in size but it’s hardly marginal compared to the existing batteries of the iPhone 5s. This phone also features Apple’s brand new United States manufactured Sapphire Glass technology. We’re looking at a White + Gold 32gb version. Compare the width of this phone and you’ll see it is about 5mm thinner. Our trusted source overseas has confirmed that this is the same model which is in production right now for sales coming to the US in 2 months. This is a Zombie Techs exclusive, you won’t see these anywhere else!

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