Apple now perform in-store repair for iPhones

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Starting Monday, iPhone 5s owners will be able to take their handsets into Apple retail stores in the U.S. or Canada to have broken screens replaced, according to9to5Mac. A broken iPhone 5s screen will cost about $150 to replace; usually in the event of a broken screen, Apple would charge $269 to replace the device.

A source that also told Apple Insider that the iPhone 5s was being added to Apple’s replacement program detailed that handsets have to be free of water damage and other hardware issues to qualify for repair. Additionally, customers with AppleCare+ would be able to mail in iPhone 5s handsets to be fixed, which would cost $79.

Apple’s in-store repair program began last year with iPhone 5 screen replacements. Later, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c owners could get various components like home buttons, volume rockers and batteries replaced. In January, Apple added iPhone 5c screen replacements to the program.

There is no word on whether the in-house repair program will be extended to Apple retail stores overseas. Apple declined to comment on the upgrade to its screen replacement program.

apple repair in schaumburgThis news is troubling for most cell phone and iPhone repair providers in the United States but I’m not too worried about it in fact. The skill required to perform iPhone repairs quick and efficiently is relatively difficult to obtain. Not only will it be difficult for them to offer a quality experience but it also puts them at a great disadvantage concerning the amount of liabilities they could get themselves into, especially concerning matters where repairs are questionable or could result in a loss of performance for the user’s iPhone. Going further, it sounds like Apple is only going to perform screen and battery replacement which means that they will only support a fraction of the number of repairs necessary to support this industry. Apple’s solution for all other problems will be to replace your broken phone with a refurbished on they keep in stock for just such occasions, though experiences have shown that quantities will be limited.