Big money is about to flood the App Store

And nothing will be the same again. Monetizing a site can be done in a number of different ways, but monetizing a search engine can only be done in one way… stuff it with ads and paid searches. There was a time when Google used to be free and everything under the sun was searchable. Since science and advertising have taken their biggest ever leaps in history however, Google decided to open up something called Adwords. Thought Adwords users can now pay per clicks and competitors can blast your ads all day long to rip money out of your pockets and feed the great search engine giant. You might have even found our site by clicking on one of our Adwords listings for cell phone repair in Schaumburg. Apple is about to do the same thing that Google did and offer paid search positions to vendors in the App Store. That means if your App is garbage but you have a lot of money, you can make sure it gets up to he top in front of people. Apple will tell you that the main idea is for Apps that can’t get enough exposure or don’t show up for the right terms to start appearing at the top of a search result where they might make some money. That means the best spots in each category will now be bid for and the small guy will probably never get his ads up there by normal means or without an investment. Don’t like it? Neither do we. Let Apple chief marketing executive Phil Schiller know how you feel. All evidence points to the fact that this was his idea. In short, enjoy the new competition and welcome back to the world of paid advertising in everything that you do. Thanks again Pete Schiller.