How tough is the iPhone 6 sapphire display? See for yourself:

Turns out that Apple’s purchase of sapphire crystal factories weren’t in vain, because the iPhone 6‘s display is very, very durable.

Or so it seems in a recently posted video that displays the 4.7″ panel being put through scratch tests.

The torturer in the video takes a knife and a pair of keys to the display, scraping and scratching, trying to make a nick or mark on the display unit, but it remains unscathed. The flexibility and durability of the display unit is also put to the test when the torturer bends the unit and it doesn’t creak or shatter.

This is definitely good news for Apple; one of the biggest issues with previous iterations of the iPhone was the device’s susceptibility to cracks and breaks. If the Cupertino-based tech giant can market its newfound fortitude in the display arena, then it may attract more people than just the iPhone loyalists, especially now that is boasts a bigger display.


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