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ARK Survival Evolved continues the PC gaming trend toward survival-based games which is sweeping over the PC gaming realm and pre-cursing or giving momentum to the rise of Virtual Reality gaming just like reality-TV took over in the 90s. In the game, you create a character who has to maintain his health while enduring and exploring the challenges of an island upon which your character is stranded. The fascinating element to this game is it’s “Jurassic Park-ish” theme. That means you’re definitely going to be interacting with dinosaurs and the hungry ones will be most certainly interacting with you.

How does the game work?

The developers have taken a lot of time in this game to work on the details, and though it is an “early-access” game and has lots of updates to complete before it’s finished, the game is totally playable. The rich landscapes feature exciting pre-historic plants and trees. The scene is gorgeous on it’s own as the dinosaurs and creatures attack each other and gain experience and rank on their own while you’re playing the game. That means that if a T-Rex starts out at the beginning of the server and runs around killing animals during the whole time you’re playing, you’ll eventually face a T-Rex which could be way more powerful than you and wipe out not only your character, but also all of his belongings.

“T-Rex Encounter”
Oh yea! One of the trademark features of survival games is that you can build structures with foundations, ceilings, and walls to conceal yourself. What makes this game exciting is that you can hide from huge predators and avoid damage by staying out of site. But if they lock onto you, they’ll stop at nothing to break into your home and eat you alive (even if you save your character and log off).

How to stay alive

So long as the server is up and running, dinosaurs and animals are interacting all around you. Because the predatory dinosaurs have to wander around in order to feed themselves, sooner or later they’ll end up on your doorstep, and if they happen to scare something the size of a Brontosaurus happens to run through your base and knock down a wall only to expose you…. think of the scene from Jurassic Park two with the guy who hid in a port-a-potty from the T-rex. *Crunch* One solution you can use to protect your belongings and territory in the game is to use tame powerful dinosaurs to domesticate them as overpowered guard dogs. This method works great, and you can also use the dinos and animals to run around and help gather resources too, making it will worth the effort. Taming animals is no easy task and can take as little as 20 minutes for the really small ones or 2-3 hours for some of the more potent creatures in the game. To tame a dinosaur/insect/animal you literally have to knock him unconscious and feed him the food of its preference (all while keeping it sedated). As you can imagine, the more teeth an animal has, the more of an apetite it has and the less likely it is to stay sedated without some seriously potent sleeping cocktails.


a wild brontosaurus in ARK: Survival Evolved


Why should you play this game?

If you really need more reasons, this game may not be for you. This is an exciting world to experience from the stand point of a gamer and the Official Servers hosting the game are totally packed with exciting players. If it wasn’t bad enough that the environment poses so many threats, the realities are that sometimes groups of players get together and form tribes. They then work together to create their own small local governments of players and they’ll use whatever animals and weapons they have to knock you down, and to keep you down. It’s a good practice to make friends early on in the game if you don’t bring your own into the game with you. I’m not here to tell you if players are going to be friendly to you or not but in my experience, most players are willing to cooperate with you. In fact there’s so much adversity in this game facing any one person that people will search out friends just so they can band together to take on the games challenges together instead of alone.

ark pteradon

taming dinosaurs can be beneficial to how you move around the map


How big is this game?

Did I mention that there is a whole water ecosystem that functions off of the island as well? The first time I discovered that there was a whole underwater world that lives and breathes on it’s own was when trying to escape from some dangerous predators only to be eaten by a Megalodon. Megalodons (basically a term for an underwater T-Rex sized shark) are everywhere in this game. If they don’t come around to tear you apart, you can expect that another animal is going to roll up in a few minutes to take its place. The speed of swimming is about the same speed as sprinting in real life with two broken legs. You won’t escape any sharks or crocodiles. Oh yea, there’s 30ft long crocodiles too.

ark survival evolved megalodon


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