What is 5G and why is it important?

You might be enjoying or loving your wireless 4G service right now. In fact you might even be using it right now to connect to this website. But in the near future, namely 2017, 5G will fundamentally change what is possible to do with wireless internet. Besides some of the obvious benefits of having faster speed, what can we expect when Verizon & AT&T become the first carriers on the planet to offer 5G service to their customers? The first thing to know is that 5G will offer way connection speeds than 4G. Right now it takes between 75-100 milliseconds to connect your phone to an online server just to make a request for information. That means each time you’re opening the mail app on your iPhone over a 4G network, it will take about a second or two for that mail server to get the request and start sending information down to your phone. 5G is looking to take that connection time down to just 1 millisecond. That’s probably not going to revolutionize your mail experience but it will change the way you surf the web, play interactive games online, and will allow for the beginning of smart cars being able to sense each other out on the road.

What about speed?

5G is purported to be between 30 and 50 times faster that the fastest 4G LTE connection. To give you an idea of what that difference in speed will feel like, think back to changing from dial-up modems to high speed DSL. 30-50x faster speeds means that you’ll be able to download entire gigabytes of content in mere seconds. Just having this speed will allow for new and far reaching possibilities on your phones.

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