Are you getting the Apple Watch?

You’ll have to decide soon because Apple will begin shipping the Apple Watch in March. In addition to that we will see the unveiling of Apple’s brand new 12-inch MacBook Air during this quarter. Analyts have predicted over 61 million units shipped will need to be shipped to meet the market demand for Apple watches while iPad shipments are expected to total to approximately 10 million units in comparison.

We’re anticipating a conference or statement from Apple that will reveal more about the iWatch in terms of technology, capacity, and economy in terms of Apples digital online store as well as customizations and add-ons from the hardware side. Apple is predicted to ship 2.8 million Apple Watch units in Q1 2015 alone, and his estimates for a March launch fall in line with previous numbers.


While many details are still mysteries for the public regarding the upcoming Apple Macbook Air, we’re eager to see the new reversible USB ports which we’ve been hearing about for months. Apple has said that in the future, their devices will not require USB ports at all. Could they be referring to the popularity of bluetooth integration for modern devices or have they discovered a whole new way to syngergize consumer electronics with computing platforms like the iMac and Apple laptops.
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