Apple TV will NOT be streaming 4k

It’s no secret that Apple is gearing up (with the help of LG & SAMSUNG) the next generation of televisions and eventually home theatre products. This is something Apple has been slowly working on in the last 10 years and even bought out SHARP several years ago which is why you don’t see their televisions for sale anymore. It’s also the reason that LG, SAMSUNG, SONY, and TOSHIBA devour the TV space. But this article is about what Apple “promised” their users and will now not be selling.

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Earlier last month Apple made an indication that the new Apple TV desktop set boxes will have the capacity to pull in 4k digital imaging for your viewing pleasure. We can now confirm that this will not be happening on this current generation of Apple TV boxes.¬†At least the iPhone 6+ is 4k capable. The reasoning we’re told is that 4k digital streaming is too expensive for a company with a higher gross than the GDP of Poland. If the Apple TV boxes were more open source like is standard with Android, it might be possible to subscribe to a 3rd party 4k streaming service. As usual though we’re locked out. I hope none of Apple TVs buyers bought the unit just because Apple said it would do 4k, otherwise they’ll have a really expensive Apple brand paperweight to hang out with on lonely weeknights.


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