Apple’s new iMac featuring FinFET

If you invested in nVidia at the beginning of this year, you’ve probably made a sizable return on your investment. The stock prices keep flying upwards to everyone’s surprise for both Apple and nVidia. Now news has broken that nVidia is going to introduce never before seen graphics technology that will be the most dramatic upgrade for iMac graphics technology since 2011. The big deal is about nVidia’s move to a smaller graphics processing architecture which will allow them to pack more of a punch, fit into smaller profiles, and reduce the amount of heat generated by the graphics processor. An article on reported the partnership between Apple and nVidia for the new iMac graphics processor and based on this information, consumers can expect to see an even thinner body for the iMac. Better graphics also points towards the possibility of getting a 5k display and superior HD clarity. We’re likely to find out at some point in June this year.


Apple is the leader for All-in-one desktops

Apple has been dominating the market for all-in-one desktops ever since the first iMac took shape. The design was revolutionary and incorporates laptop parts to build a powerful stand-alone desktop experience. Mashable has even called 2015 Apple iMac the “best all-in-one desktop” around. In addition to being the best, it also has the best accessories. Apple has pioneered the development of so many companion devices that didn’t exist in the PC market including their Magic mouse, multi-touch trackpad, and rechargeable wireless keyboard. iMacs can be a great challenge to repair depending on what the damage is. Fortunately, the thoughtful layout inside of the iMac makes it relatively painless for experienced computer and cell phone repair professionals to take apart and repair. Screen issues are among the most expensive repairs that iMac users can undergo. Fortunately they’re not the most common types of repairs we see. More frequently than screens breaking are chips that overheat.

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