Wireless Charging built in on the Apple iWatch

When news couldn’t get any better, Apple announced that their iWatch will not only feature a flexible display that you can wear around your wrist but also wireless charging! Wireless charging is the future of cell phones and wearable electronics but it also poses some of the most challenging engineer questions. This is probably the most ambitious project they’ve ever tackled and it will change the way humans interact with technology forever. More exciting than this news, Apple is also going to have built in technology for their flagship “Health App” due to release with iOS 8 this week and should be unveiled in the upcoming Apple keynote conference. Here’s a picture of what you can expect the iWatch to look like:


Notice that the Healthbook icon appearing above as well as functionality for the Message and Phone apps built into the phone. The release for this device will truly be a spectacle. The iWatch is also going to feature removal straps that will offer customization and create a new ecosystem for Apple products and fashion.

The iWatch is said to take advantage of HealthKit, a set of APIs Apple introduced alongside iOS 8 that will integrate into existing health devices and apps, reporting data to a central location. It’s also going to rely on Handoff, a Continuity feature that lets users seamlessly transition tasks from one iOS or Mac device to another.

The Healthkit app should help you manage your body and exercise featuring awesome alert systems, heart rate monitors and so much more which we’ll find out about later this week.

Source: Macrumors

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