Apple is sweating or just showing off?

Look at what Apple is up to this week!

They normally wouldn’t go to such lengths to demonstrate a center feature of their product but the fact that they’ve planted down in San Francisco and  New York has me wondering if their not just showing off in the capital business cities of America. 3D Force touch is a feature native to the new iPhone 6S which allows you to take advantage of the “pressing your finger down harder” ability that are built into your hand. Now you can press your iPhone really hard and it knows that you’re pressing harder than usual so it may open a built in compartmental menu for whichever app you happen to be hovering over. There’s already a flurry of “tamagachi-esque” games racing to the iPhone App market because of 3D Force Touch. At any rate, Force Touch 3D is a great feature in that it works like a right click which was badly missing from this ever-evolving line of phones. Force Touch however is critical to the future of what Apple believes technology should look like. You can see what I’m talking about here. It’s pretty cool what you can do with plastic surfaces these days. At one point people suspected those Tactus Touch would be famous but I haven’t heard of them since to be honest. Here’s a promotional video they’re running on the main-site these days:

“The anxiety of auto correct disappears”  lol, he actually says that in the video above. To be honest though, I would totally get one of these.