Apple is working on a patent for 911 calls in case of a heart attack

An article on 9t05mac points to a discovery that Apple has filed a patent that would cover non-specific electronic monitoring devices to call out to 911 in case of a health emergency. It’s what they call a “care event” in the legal language propping up their patent. Here’s how they define care event:

Care events may include a car crash, a bike accident, a medical emergency such as a heart attack or an aneurysm, separation of a child from the child’s caregiver, a dementia patient becoming lost, an avalanche, a fall, a mugging, a fire, and/or any other event for which a user may require medical, police, family, fire rescue, and/or other kind of assistance.

Apple’s current electronic devices like the Apple Watch are already well poised for success should they be granted a patent of this nature. At 9to5mac an example was given of using the accelerometer observing sudden changes in movement in combination with fluctuations on the heart rate sensors and using this info to determine if a heart attack could be taking place and dialing out to 911. We predicted a long time ago that changes like this would be part of the new economy created by Apple in the healthcare space when they debuted Apple healthkit. It’s likely that this patent is just one of many that have been uncovered as Apple seeks to help give the medical world the advantage of collecting information about us.

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