Apple TV is going to have a live access feature now.

The new feature is called “Live Tune-in” and it’s designed to get you special access to live news and entertainment events. Part of Steve Job’s vision was a more connected world that involves unifying users into a whole new platform or experience. The new Apple TV is designed to enhance usability and get users plugged in to share live events, like last night’s democratic debates in New York for example. The TV will also be able to be used for things like Disney Entertainment and Apple also has the technology to allow streaming on multiple devices in the near future.


How do you use Live Tune In?

The controls are pretty easy. You just have to speak into your Siri remote and say “Watch CBS” or “Watch ESPN.” Though other’s have introduced similar technology into the market before Apple, Apple still calls it “The future of television” on their main page for Apple TV.

Should I buy an Apple TV?

The real value of Apple TV is not Siri remote controls. The real value is in the wealth of Apps that you can download onto your Apple TV. The Apple market allows for you to downloading a wide variety of Apps too. You can download apps like Skype calling, specialized programming like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and more. You can also download games onto the Apple TV. Games are only just beginning to come to Apple products in a way that would please high end PC & console gamers. Apple fans have no choice but to sacrifice that Apple TV does not compare in power and processing to a PS4 or most computers, however games are also becoming more compact and more easily distributable. Take a look below at some shots from a popular title for Apple TV called “Battle Supremacy Evolution.”

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