Apple Music is trying to offer Pandora-Like service

If you recently downloaded the newest version of iOS for your iPhone, tablet, or iPod you’ve probably noticed the little “heart” icon that now appears when you’re playing music through iTunes. Apple is really trying to dive into the music space of America and they seem to be well poised to do it considering the fact that 80% of smartphone users are indeed Apple customers. With that said, the new heart icon is designed to help influence the outcome of suggestions that Apple will offer you. You can either tap the heart for an entire Album or just a song that you might like and Apple will try to serve up music similar to or also liked by other users who have “hearted” the same tracks. This is similar to the thumbs up and thumbs down Pandora offers but fundamentally Apple & Pandora are different platforms for enjoying and purchasing the same content.

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One of the key differences you’ll note is that Apple will suggest that you buy directly through their iTunes market, and they’ll also showcase the entire album (if there is one) for the individual song or track you might be listening to. In other words, if I’m listening to “Faint” by Linkin Park, the rest of the Meteora album would populate around it and the tracks that I don’t own would be grayed out available for preview and purchase. This is definitely a smart delivery system for digital content and it’s likely to fortify Apple’s momentum into the music industry.

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