OLED Technology coming to Apple screens in 2018

Apple is in the process of wrapping up a deal with Samsung and LG worth 12.8 billion dollars to provide the 2018 lineup of Apple phones with powerful new OLED technology for their screens. The deal is likely to bolster Apple’s position in the market as a tech leader and Apple will probably make you feel it in their keynote conferences when the time comes to roll out the 2nd generation iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. OLED technology already exists in TV screens and wireless devices but it’s so expensive that it drives up the cost of cell phone repair in Schaumburg.

What’s the difference between OLED and LED

(OLED stands for Organic light emitting diode) This brief video will highlight the visual quality differences between LED and OLED screen technologies.

OLED display stack

found on http://www.computerworld.com/

In addition to that, you can find an article on computerworld.comĀ detailing all the layers of technology that make OLED possible. Part of what makes OLED great is that the materials used are way thinner than the liquid crystalline technology you’ll find in LED screens. Many OLED screens are also pliable, meaning that they can bend and wrap around different objects. Above in an image we pulled from their site which demonstrates how many layers go into an OLED screen.

“With an active-matrix OLED, manufacturers replace the liquid crystal and color filters with a series of four to seven layers of organic films sandwiched between two metal contacts. The films, mere thousandths of an angstrom thick, are a fraction of the size of the liquid crystals in an LCD.”


How will this change iPhone repair in 2018?

Most users notice an improved screen resolution and display technology which will seem great on the surface but the nasty underside of this technology is it will drive up the cost of screens greatly. It will also make the technology not only more expensive but more complicated to reproduce which will in turn drive up the parts and repair costs. It is likely that unless new production technologies are designed by the manufacturers, they could also be losing a lot of money by offering free repairs, warranties, or trade-ins. Fortunately for them, the technology behind the outer covering glass screens for iPhone continues to improve in strength and consistency but we’re expecting that Apple will charge a lot more for cell phone repair in Schaumburg once these screens hit the market. The other disadvantage to OLED they don’t last as long as LED screens even though the images are sharper and more crisp. That means your screens might only last a year or two under the pressure of constant usage and electrical activity.

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