Apple is discussing options to roll-out their Health App to medical professionals

apple repair in schaumburgMuch of the buzz about iOS8 is about the new Health App which will revolutionize the smartiPhone industry again and create a new economy within it for healthcare treatments, supplements, and food. The Health App by Apple is meant to encourage healthy behaviors on the part of the end user and promote well being. In doing so, one way Apple is likely to generate income off of this is by recommending products and services local to the user. For example, your Health App might feature a checklist to start off your new healthy lifestyle adventures. On that checklist, one on might find that he or she must join a Gym, and Apple would offer a directory listing of gyms near that user. Historically this kind of advertising also offers premium or featured listings to those companies who would pay more for larger exposure. If you live in Schaumburg, you might find that there are 12 gyms within 5 miles of you but Lifetime fitness or XSport may pay an extra $12 per week to make sure they’re at the top of the list. By the same token, health stores like GNC or Vitamin Supplement stores may pay for premium space when it comes to finding healthy foods or supplements recommended by Apple’s fitness app. The real kicker however is that you’re going to be storing biological data within your iPhone that will eventually be sold to healthcare professionals and that’s what Apple is trying to figure out how to do right now, today.

iphone repair in schaumburgImagine a world where you visit a doctor and just upload your health App data to his tablet. Presumably you could do this in the same way that you send a text message. Immediately his custom-designed programs will assess your health based on what your Health apps knowledge of you combined with your existing computerized medical history and a number of other records about you including information about where you live. Looking farther into the future presumably iPhones could also sense humidity and altitude to determine how your surrounding atmosphere affects your health too. This will inherently raise the value of your iPhone as well because it will become an increasingly critical tool to evaluate your health and safety.

The health app is likely to feature reports, trends, and other health analytics perhaps including even the times when you’re likely to cheat on your diet and more. While exciting in the new age of information, this is also dangerous to how insurance companies could assess your health.