Apple Guided Tours

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Apple wants to take it deeper and farther than you thought before. So what is a guided tour by Apple? They’re like micro-interviews that play from your phone or streaming device to give you an insight on a certain topic, band, location, etc. So imagine going into the Museum of Natural History for example and being able to use your phone to navigate through hours of pre-filmed documentaries or audio books without having to engage in additional device rentals or otherwise.

bmw i3 apple car

Apple also wants to build your cars (not a joke)

Where’s Apple going with this?

As you might imagine, Apple didn’t start out with this idea to help museums (but that is eventually where it will go). In fact, Apple did it to showcase their artists in new exclusive portfolios that will be native to the Apple Music Store and that ‘s where you’ll be able to see them. Right now there’s 7 different tours dedicated to using Apple software and managing your online subscriptions. Wait, wait, wait… you mean to say there is a tutorial on how to buy more things in the Apple store? Why yes, there is.

Where’s all this coming from?

Apple has been working tirelessly to make their new Beats 1 Radio and Apple Music Connect worthy of beating out the competitors with an “artist-centric” approach. The team at Apple believes this is something you’ll love and though the museum stuff is a long way away, Guided Tours are beginning as a tutorial and expected to move into the artist space.

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