Apple Watch is the second most popular wearable

Taken from an article at, Apple is poised to deliver on 3.9 million orders of their new digital wearable: the Apple Watch. This is a slight increase from the last quarter, but Apple is still behind Fitbit in terms of popularity for fitness wearables and there are a lot of reasons for this. The first issue working against the Apple watch is that the battery life is slow, and the economy of apps built for the Apple Watch continues to receive poor marks in usability compared to the ease of use that Apple products like the iPhone are known for. In addition to that, the Fitbit is a wonderful piece of hardware backed by great software and the functionality is bar-none. Fibit is currently the leader in popularity for fitness wearables coming in with 4.7 million unites shipped making up for a 22.2% market share. As the Apple Watch improves in functionality approaching it’s second generation product, it’s quite possible for Apple to overtake the market in popularity over the Fitbit and maintain the lead against other wearables manufacturers.

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