Apple is giving users a Trash Can

Yes, it’s been a long time coming. Based on reports found on AppAdvice, Apple has installed some preliminary code in their last update which will probably be completed in the next Apple software upgrade for iDevices. The picture below demonstrates that Apple will soon allow users to delete native iPhone apps that people prefer not to use. An example of this is the Game Center app for iPhone and iPad. It is unlikely that all apps will be removable however. In fact, Tim Cook told Buzzfeed that removing certain apps would prevent other apps from functioning normally on the iPhone and iPad. The reason stated was that apps are interlocked with each other on the iPhone. The false or true option seen below are a dead giveaway that Apple has installed functionality to control which apps appear on your phone.

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What does this imply?

Knowing that every App will now come with the trashcan functionality, it seems likely that Apple will also build an admin console to help control what apps should shouldn’t appear on the iPhone and iPad out of the box. Consider the case of  Comcast who gives iPhones with specialized software to all of their field technicians and installers. The phones that they use contain all of the default apps including Stocks, Newspaper, and Game Center which Comcast probably doesn’t want their technicians to use. Having the functionality to turn these Apps on and off now will probably be mitigated by a server/client type of relationship. Stay tuned to Zombie Techs cell phone repair Schaumburg to stay up to date on all of the latest Apple tech developments.