It’s no surprise that Apple iWatch is changing the way our lives work. It seems like Apple has been responsible for bringing life changing technology as extensions of ourselves and our minds to the table since the beginning of this century. Let’s examine a few apps which are out there to grease the wheels of change and offer new value to our lives.

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WebMD Medication Reminders

WebMD is working on reminders that can be scheduled into your watch that will server as pop-up reminders to take tablets and medications on time.

Every Body Walk! app from Kaiser Permanente

This is an app with colorful graphics that tracks your walking activity and helps to create reports based on that information along with comparison graphs.


HealthTap offers instant access to doctors and healthcare professionals. You can use HealthTap to find a doctor nearby or speak to a professional over the phone at a rate of $2.99/minute.

Centered app from Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)

HCSC offers tracking and reminders for exercise along with helpful stress relief and mental exercises to help with work/life balance.

cFHR app from Anthem and CareEvolution

CareEvolution is an alert system for medical information and for assisting in spreading news about developing threats.

Vocera app

“The Vocera app for Apple Watch will allow users to rapidly manage life-critical communications by viewing and responding to prioritized calls, alerts, and messages from other care team members, Electronic Health Records (EHR) and clinical systems, including critical lab values and STAT orders.” -taken from 9To5Mac


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